Panoramic Photographs by Pierre Tétol


As far as I am concerned, the panoramic photography allows me to embrace in one glance all the surrounding space. Within 360°, I try to be impregnated with all colours and forms, which are entire parts of what I perceive, and that I transpose onto the photographic paper.

like the early photographers of the late nineteenth century, I work with the same spirit, but with different techniques, indeed .

My 'panoscopies' are to be seen on a flat surface, like any other photography. The final picture is still, only the eyes of the viewer are moving as they like. But thanks to new technology, through the internet, they can be seen in a different way.

My choice of the locations is vital, but it is less important than the emotion which led me to press on the shutter

After uploading the picture, click and drag inside, either right or left, in order to make it move. Press either A or Z key shortcuts, for zooming in or out